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Meet Dr Arj Chohan

Hi, my name is Arj Chohan and I’m your *Painless Dental Implants dentist here in London.

I’m married to Frances, who is also a practising dentist and partner at the practice.

We met quite a few years ago, and we’ve been married for 6 years. We have a son Dylan, who’s 4 and Ruby who is 18 months old. they keep us busy when we are not neck deep in dentistry!

As well as general dentistry, Frances also enjoys facial beauty, straightening crooked teeth, and smile makeovers.

I enjoy restoring smiles to their former glory and fitting dental implants for permanent teeth, so it’s a pretty good combination.

Who is Dr. Arj Chohan?

Why I Became A Dentist

My Training & Development

Why I Became A Dental Implants Dentist

Some people can’t think of anything worse than looking in people’s mouths.

But my dad, who had pretty strong views, said to become a doctor like my older sister. So I thought I’d be a REBEL and became a dentist, focussing more on teeth implants.

And now my sisters coming back from nights and I’m speaking to her on the way to work and I’m going into work.

I say to my dad “thank goodness” I didn’t listen to you dad, otherwise I would’ve been working nights at this time, whereas most dentists tend not to do nights”, so I’m thankful for that.

Focussing on dental implants

I studied dentistry in London over in Whitechapel at Bart’s at the Royal London, the School of Medicine and Dentistry.

Started in 2001, graduated 2006, so it was quite a long slog.

On graduating I went into practice because I didn’t fancy staying more in hospital.

Did a few courses, one of the first courses I went on was actually in Miami at the Pankey Institute. It was a few weeks by the Magne brothers who are good at making your smile look great.

And soon after that we just got very busy being at work just doing general practitioner work.

On top of that I’ve started a Diploma in Implants at the Royal College of Surgeons in London. It’s something that you don’t learn at University and I’m able to do far more complex treatments now, helping restore your teeth from loose teeth, dentures, helping them get on really.

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